inclusive of all gender and sexual identities
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We aim to support, represent and unite the LGBT+ population of the University of Bristol. We are a judgement-free society offering a great way to meet like-minded people, discuss LGBT+ issues and also have a lot of fun through our coffee afternoons, pub quizzes, nights out, movie nights, and inter-university events.

If you are not currently out, the society respects confidentiality and discretion on social media and elsewhere. We also have many welfare support options for all students - official members or not.

We are a friendly, welcoming and laid-back bunch, with an awesome variety of personalities and events that make our society so unique and successful. We look forward to meeting you!

Please select the most appropriate query to contact us. We aim to respond within 24-48 hours.

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Please do not contact us directly to advertise any surveys, studies, recruitment or other 3rd party opportunities to our group. If content is LGBT+ relevant, you are instead welcome to post to our Facebook page where admin will approve your post within 48 hours.

The post will appear to have not gone through and an error message will ask you to try posting again later - however it will have worked, therefore please only 'submit' your post once.

Multiple submission attempts spam the moderation system and will be ignored. We may reject recruitment/event posts that present a conflict of interest with any sponsors. None of the above post types are to be posted to the group instead of the page.

Our social events range from a monthly book club and frequent coffee mornings to Inter Uni Bar Crawls and Bonfire Night socials . We want to do everything, and hope you come along to have a fun time!

Welcome Coffee Afternoon

We help to put on big events too, from Christmas/Summer parties and annual trips to London in February for Student Pride .

Christmas Formal

We make sure to keep a lookout for new members each event, and try to wear our purple shirts as frequently as we can so people know which committee members to grab if they’re a bit nervous. We’re also more than happy to meet you somewhere before going to the social if you need it!

One of the famously weird pub quizzes

Please contact the social secretaries if you want to make a suggestion or have feedback! We always try to make our events better than the last, and we can’t do that without your help! :)

The society runs very successful annual awareness campaigns based around Trans Awareness Week, Asexuality Awareness Week and LGBT+ History Month.

#transawarebristol Campaign, started by Jamie Cross

In 2014, a Trans Awareness campaign went internationally viral, achieved huge success and provoked much discussion. To this day, associations across the world are still using the campaign poster and crediting the society!

Other campaigns have included pronoun posters placed around campus, the LGBT+ Engineers visibility campaign, and Ace Awareness posters.

LGBT+ Engineers Visibility Campaign, started by Charlie Oxborough

Alongside visibility campaigns, we also hold various events to mark awareness weeks, including panel talks, discussions and movie nights.

For most students, university is a time of learning, independence and self-discovery. Being LGBT+ can often result in additional stress during this time. That is why it is so important to feel comfortable with who you are. A crucial part of our society is looking out for members during any difficulty that can come with realising your sexuality/gender, coming out to friends & family and dealing with the various issues that can arise from being LGBT+.

Discrete Welcome Fair flyers - possibly the best description of what we're here for.

We have compiled an FAQ on this website to help with any questions you may have, along with a list of resources for local charities and services available, most free of charge. Check them out, and if you have any more questions, please don't hesitate to contact the welfare rep via our contact form.

If you have anything you'd like to talk about in confidence, we hold fortnightly support sessions in the Odlum room of Bristol SU. The sessions are run on a rota by trained volunteers. Dates and the volunteers for these will be made available on the Facebook group before each session and, for those not 'out' on social media, can also be found on our Google calendar.



Why buy membership?
Being an official member gives you access to the best events that we run, such as the formals and trips. Where there is any cost to an event, we subsidise it for our members as much as possible, so for the membership cost of £5 for an academic year, a paying member who participates in all our major events has saved around £50. Do the maths on that one, I think we've added up something wrong somewhere...

Who can join the society?
Anyone who is officially affiliated with the University of Bristol or the University of Bristol Students' Union is welcome to join our society.

When can I join?
When you want to turn up to an event, just turn up! Most new members join in September/October, however we still have newcomers even in January right up until May. You can also join at any point during your degree, we have many postgrad students and some veteran medics, so whatever your age you will not feel out of place!

If you're nervous about turning up alone, bring a friend along or contact the social secretaries beforehand - they can look out for you at the event.

How do I join?

We have members who are both 'out' on social media and those who require discretion. If you feel comfortable doing so, please join our Facebook group for the easiest way to keep updated and take part in discussions. If you are also interested in local LGBT+ events, surveys and recruitment, then please like our Facebook page.

For those who would rather not be out on social media, you can follow the events listed on our Google Calendar, and you are always welcome to contact any committee member to catch up on whats going on!

Either way, make sure you sign up to our Parenting Scheme as a child if you would like to be in an adorable LGBT+ family who can help you join in with events, are always on hand to meet up for a chat, and make excellent predrinks hosts for our big nights out.

Buy paid membership

The infamous 'gay card'

We are constantly in search of new sponsors; be it local businesses where we can host our events to corporations looking for recruitment outreach. The society boasts well over 1000 members on Facebook, over 900 followers on Twitter, and over 190 paying members.

We rely solely on fundraising and sponsorship to run our campaigns and put on events, which truly make a huge difference to the university experience of LGBT+ students. If you would like to help us with this, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Guys, gals and non-binary pals, it’s time for parenting sign-ups! Becoming a parent is a great way to get involved in the LGBT+ society – ask anyone who’s done it before! Students of second year and above may sign up as pairs or threes (or single parents to be matched with another) and will be assigned a gaggle of first years. You must be a current student at Bristol to act as a parent. Families tend to pre-drink together before society events, and parents may help newbies to get to know Bristol and the society.

Families may be purely social (gatherings will mainly focus around society events) or social and support (families that are slightly more involved, providing support if desired). In addition, there are options to be a trans family (a group of trans parents/trans kids) or an alcohol-free family, if you would like.

If you've missed out on getting involved in a family, get in contact with our Vice-President Grey at

We have a wide selection of LGBT+ literature that any student is welcome to borrow - just contact us via the form. Please note that you will also need to show your Bristol University student card before taking out any books.